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2014 Derby Rules

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REGISTRATION is from 12:00 pm -1:30 pm with a Drivers Meeting at 1:45 pm and a Start Time of 2:00 pm.

Rules for Full Size Cars

1. All cars must be inspected and approved prior to competition.

2. No imperials.

3. Judges decision is final.

4. Must be 18 with valid driver’s license. Parent may sign for underage driver.

5. Must wear full face helmet with some type of coveralls for protection.

6. Seatbelt must work.

7. Brakes must work prior to entering ring.

8. Bumpers may be welded to frame.

9. Only one radiator in stock position allowed.

10. Holes must be cut in hood for fire access.

11. Hood pins may be welded to frame, no larger than one inch read rod.

12. Frame seams may be rewelded no further back than the firewall.

13. No cage around engine.

14. No plating or stuffing any part of the frame.

15. Front suspension may be welded.

16. Bottom of bumper not to exceed 25 inches from the ground.

17. Doors must be chained or welded as well as trunk.

18. Dash and behind the seat cross bars allowed, but not attached to frame.

19. Old gas tank removed with metal tank secured in back seat area.

20. Battery must be secured in front passenger area.

21. Rear differential may be chained to body but must have bounce.

22. Nothing larger than half ton rear ends allowed.

23. Body mounts may be removed. Nothing bigger than ⅝ bolty to replace.

24. Body mounts that are removed and bolted must be in stock position.

25. Trunks may be tucked.

26. No studded tires.

27. must be oon derby ground before 12:00 pm to be inspected.

28. No sandbagging, if you are unable to make a hit on another car within a 1 minute period you will be disqualified.

Rules for Herby Cars & Minivans

1. Factory 4 and 6 cylinder engines only.

2. 112” max wheel base.

3. No full frame.

4. Car must be gutted.

5. Full face helmet and overalls must be worn.

6. Brakes must work.

7. Seatbelt must work.

8. No welding or #9 wire allowed. Only welding on these cars/vans will be on the seat bar! NO WELDING anywhere else including the rear end.

9. Chain doors, trunk, & hood.

10. Stock bumpers may be chained to car.

11. Remove factory gas tank and instal metal gas tank in rear seat area.

12. Battery must be secured in front passenger area.

13. Holes must be cut in hood for fire access.

14. Cross bar may be welding behind driver’s seat.

15. No studded tires.

16. No all wheel drives.


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